Brandy Davis grew up in Fresno, CA. where she developed a strong interest in art. After graduating high school she went on to attend the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, in 2002 where she studied life drawing, sculpture and painting. Upon moving back to Fresno she met her husband and they were married in 2006; It was also then that she begun her career in fine art. Brandy worked for the Madera County Arts Council for 2 years as an art instructor and simultaneously began pursuing freelance artwork. She is also Lipan Apache; A tribal member of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas. It was also in 2006 when her heritage began to influence her artwork. She began using turkey feathers as her canvas to capture the beauty and naturalness of the American Indian culture. She recalls the day when she first received her inspiration: “I had just returned home from a powwow. As I was putting my regalia away I came across the Eagle feathers that we Lipan women wear in our hair during our gatherings; Eagle feathers are very sacred to us and hold great meaning. I would never paint on an Eagle feather, as they are so sacred to us, however, as I looked at the feathers in my hand I was reminded of my Ancestors, most of whom I never had the honor of meeting. I was also reminded of the resonant beauty of our people as they danced earlier that day and the silent beauty of our elders as they told us stories about their lives. As I sat with the feathers for a moment, it suddenly hit me that being able to paint these rare moments on such a meaningful canvas would truly allow me to capture not only the image, but the memories and honor of those whom I paint.” Since that day she and her family have left their home state of California and have established a home in southwestern Idaho where she successfully continues her freelance work, exclusively painting on feathers. Her works have been shown throughout California and Idaho where she has won numerous prestigious awards for her feather paintings. “I absolutely love what I do,” Brandy says. “This is my calling. It is not my goal to merely paint a pretty picture; My goal is to hopefully become an inspiration to others. That alone is enough reason to keep me painting for the rest of my life.” Website design by AJR © Feather Art by Brandy 2010-2015 All Rights Reserved - Unauthorized Duplication is Prohibited.